Complete maintenance free lenses.

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X’Trem Hydroilo coating – this is one of the features that make Quantum Gravity lenses superior to any others in the market today.

All Quantum Gravity lenses have a smooth velvety feel to them. This is because they are coated with a proprietary X’Trem Hydroilo coating on both sides. This coating repels dust, smudges, fingerprints, liquids and makes it very easy to clean the lens. 

This video demonstrates what happens when we put a drop of water on the lens. You can see how easily it slides down without leaving any mark on the lens. These lenses are completely maintenance and your sunglasses look like new for a very long time.


The three lenses used in our Rome Aviators are the Gray Optimized lens, Sleek blue polarized lens and the Cridal 18K Yellow gold lens. These lenses are among the world’s most technically advanced lenses and they exceed the requirements set by lens every quality tests.

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