Superior materials


We use a combination of Monel and Nickel Silver for our metals. Both are strong and supple copper alloys. Monel provides superior strength for the frame and Nickel Silver is used for the metal elements. We then solder various metal parts by hand to form a complete link.  An alloy of Silver is used in this process as a filler to make permanent joint. This reduces the breakage of the frame.  A frame typically has 12-15 points of assembly.


Our premium acetate comes from Mazzucchelli, Italy, a coveted supplier of acetate to premier eyewear brands.  The non-allergenic, plant-based material is a polymer made from cotton lint and wood pulp. Each piece is cut from a solid block of acetate to the desired shape and then polished with wood chips in drums until it is completely smooth.Block process is better than injection process wherein the molten plastic is poured in mould under pressure and allowed to set. Injection molded frames tend to distort over a period of time whereas the block process which involves a lot of human intervention makes the frame sturdy, long lasting and aesthetically appealing.


All our frames are handcrafted in Italy at the finest factories where some of the world’s best luxury eyewear are manufactured. There is a lot of skilled work and craftsmanship that goes into making a pair of Quantum Gravity Sunglasses.

The process starts with careful designing and prototyping. Later the metal parts are made separately and soldered together. The complete frame is then given a treatment of galvanoplasty and polishing. Later lenses are cut accurately and fitted in each frame by hand. The frames are thoroughly checked after each stage and even before the final packing and shipping happens. This ensures you get a frame in perfect condition.

We use a judicious mix of machines and hand work to make each pair of sunglasses. This process of procurement to manufacturing takes over 120 days and 185 steps are involved in the complete process.

Manufacturing our eyewear at one facility ensures full control over quality. All materials and processes used by Quantum Gravity are environmentally responsible.

Best in class lenses

To pair our sunglasses with the very best lens, we work with Dalloz Creations in France. For over 40 years, they have been known for innovation and skill in manufacturing high-end sun lenses for the sport, luxury and fashion industry. Everything from concept to countertype to injection and coatings is done internally in one manufacturing facility in France.

Our Green Gold lenses are made with Cridal — a hybrid between glass and resin made exclusively by Dalloz Creations. They offer excellent resistance to stress cracking, perfect transparency without light diffusion, allowing for clean, clear vision free from any distortion.

Both Blue Sleek Polarized and Grey Optimized lenses are made with a polycarbonate material and have a different level of polarization which gives them unique properties and advantages

Their production standards are higher than the international standards, and they have been ISO9001 certified since 1998. These lenses meet the major safety standards set by various renowned institutions.

ANSI Z80.3 : 2010 and 2015

AS/NZS 1067 : 2003 & 1067.1 :2016

ISO 12312-1 :2013 and A1 : 2015

Their patented manufacturing techniques produce a lens that’s nearly perfect at eliminating optical distortion. All the lenses are Optical Class 1 and are suitable for driving.



Dalloz Creations Meye Precious Green Gold Lens

-- Cridal 18-Carat Green Gold Lens

-- UV 400

-- Luminous Transmittance 12.9%

-- Filter Category 3


Dalloz Creations SleekBlue Lens

-- Blue Polycarbonate Lens

-- UV 400

-- Polarization Efficiency: 98.1%

-- Luminous Transmittance: 18.8%

-- Filter Category 3


Dalloz Creations Optimized Lens

-- Grey Polycarbonate Lnes

-- UV 400

-- Polarization Efficiency: 55%

-- Luminous Transmittance 17%

-- Filter Category 3