Rome Grey
Rome Grey
Rome Grey
Rome Grey

Rome Grey

Rome Grey features gunmetal frames paired with the grey optimized lens from Dalloz Creations. Perfect for a variety of activities and conditions, this lens lets in a certain amount of polarized light to enhance the overall viewing experience, while offering a crisp view of mobile and computer displays.


Fit & Frame

Fit well out of the box.

Designed to fit well straight out of the box, we’ve taken the utmost care with details like contoured acetate temples, balanced weight distribution and hypoallergenic materials for exceptional comfort and fit.

Our aviators are handmade at historic factories in the Italian Alps. It is here that our master craftsmen work with exclusive metal alloys, hammering them into shape, hand soldering frame linkages and fitting the acetate temples with the finest materials from Mazzucchelli, Italy.

The metal elements of the frame are manufactured with Monel and Nickel Silver. Widely used by eyewear manufacturers across the globe, these copper alloys are supple, while still providing structure to the frame.

The temple tips are made of acetate to give a comfortable fit to the wearer. In the Rome Aviators, we designed longer temple tips so the metal parts don’t touch the skin or cause irritation.

Experienced craftsmen complete each step of the high precision assembly and finishing process, turning the sunglasses into a finished product. At the finishing stage, temples (sides) are screwed to the frame, nosepads inserted, and lenses fitted. Proper table adjustments are made to ensure perfect fit out of the box.

At each step of the way, Quantum Gravity uses environmentally responsible materials and processes.

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Product Details

Soft Angle Temple Tip

Ergonomic design ensures comfort over longer period of use.

Almost Invisible Logo

Laser edged QG hexagon on the lens guaranteeing genuine optics.

Built To Fit

Adjustable nose pads with customized soft PVC for comfort and durability.

Smart Design - Hinge

Hinge lock ensures that the temple tips will not touch the lenses. This prevents the temple from scratching the lens.

A Superior View - Lenses

The optimized lens from Dalloz Creations is an amazing feat of engineering. The new generation filter only cuts out a proportion of the polarized light after it hits a flat reflective surface. This hybrid-polarized lens offers the benefits of polarization, while supporting enhanced clarity for viewing LCD displays on all your devices. 

Metal Core Wire

A metal core wire inside each temple ensures that the temple shape stays intact providing additional strength to the eyewear and a better fit for extensive use. 

Impossibly Strong - Frame

Our Monel Frame is a copper alloy that gives our frames a supple feel with superior strength.

The Mark Of Craftsmanship

A unique hexagonal shape bridges the transition point from metal to acetate creating a temple that is elegant and comfortable.

Naturally Made Temples

We use Mazzucchelli acetate, made from renewable, non-petroleum, plant-based materials that are lightweight and hypoallergenic. 


Comfort Meets Quality

Monel and Nickel Silver alloys are strong and supple creating a superior metal frame. Premium acetate sourced from Mazzucchelli, Italy provides a comfortable fit.

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Optimized For Everything

The optimized lens from Dalloz Creations is our most versatile lens. Great for all kinds of activities, it offers superior protection and visual performance while supporting enhanced clarity for viewing LCD displays.

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Handmade in Italy

Each pair is meticulously crafted by expert technicians in Italy, whose families have mastered the art of eyewear manufacturing for generations. The process they use to manufacture QG eyewear involves both machines and handwork to create the ultimate pair of sunglasses.

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